Our Programs

The mission of The Gray House is “To help its neighbors facing hardships to meet their immediate and transitional needs by providing food, clothing, and educational services in a safe, positive environment in the North End of Springfield.”

Since 1984, The Gray House has helped its neighbors meet their immediate needs and address the root causes of poverty. The Gray House has done this by operating the Food Pantry, Adult Education Program and Kids’ Club.

To break the poverty barrier, a single mom with three school age children living in the North End needs to earn $65,904 a year ($31.56 an hour). This is needed to cover expenses such as food, housing and utilities; respectively estimated to cost $725, $810 and $212 a month. However, the estimated median household annual income in the North End is just $18,326; an insurmountable difference that is disheartening.

For more information on each program click on the following links:

Food Pantry
Adult Education
Kids’ Club Afterschool Program
Kids’ Club Summer Program

Board of Directors - Gray House - John

Adult Education Program

The Adult Education Program provides English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) and basic literacy education to adult learners.

Kids’ Club Programs

The Kids’ Club is an After-School and Summer Program serving children in grades 2 to 5.
Gray House Food Pantry

Food Pantry Program

The Gray House's Food Pantry serves as a source of emergency food for those in need.