Thanksgiving Food Distribution

Through the generosity of individual donors, faith communities and local businesses, The Gray House is able to provide turkeys and accompanying food for families in need for Thanksgiving. If you are interested in donating food, please visit our donations page for a list of needed items. We are also in need of volunteers to help throughout the month of November!

Thanksgiving Registration

Eligibility and Documentation Needed

Eligible families are families that have at least two people living in the household and who have financial need. Eligible families must pre-register to receive a turkey and food. Please see the registration dates below. The same individual who registers must be present at the time of pick up.

You must bring the following:

  • Form of ID for the individual registering and one other household member (i.e. MassHealth card, work or school badge, license, social security card, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of address (i.e. lease, utility bill from the past 6 months, no personal or junk mail)
  • Attestation of financial need

Registration Dates

In an effort to ensure opportunities for people with different schedules to register, we have three registration dates and times scheduled and will only be registering a limited number of households on each day. Once we have reached the limit for that day, we will close down registration, even if it is prior to the end time listed below. The Gray House reserves the right to adjust the number of registrations according to how many donations we receive this holiday season.

Specific dates & times will be announced in October.

Registration Process

Registration will be done at the curbside in front of The Gray House at 22 Sheldon Street..

If you are driving, please enter Sheldon Street from Main street (not Arch St.) and remain in your car at all times. When it is your turn to pull in front of our driveway, please have your documentation ready to hold up to the volunteer collecting information through your car window.

If you are walking, please stand in line on the sidewalk.

We ask that you only register for a turkey with ONE community agency. The Gray House works closely with Open Pantry and other local agencies to cross reference registration lists.

It is important to note that you will not receive your turkey on the day you register. You will receive a registration slip with the date and time you can return to receive your Thanksgiving items. The same individual who registers must be present at that time of pick up and must bring the slip given out at registration, along with their ID.

Turkey Distribution

Families who have pre-registered will receive instructions at registration to come on a specific date and time. The same individual who registers must be present at the time of pick up and must bring the slip given out at registration and a form of ID.