Adult Education Students Continue to Impress

The learning gains from Session 1 were phenomenal. Session 2 results showed that The Gray House Adult Education (AE) students continue to shine. With the close of session 2, 27 of our AE students were re-evaluated. Two of those learners had advanced beyond what The Gray House offers and were referred to other community programs with space.  11 students, or 41%, had boosted their scores more than 50%, with four participants enhancing their scores greater than 200%. The average change was +4.52 points or 60%. We are SO proud of our adult learners!

Session 3 has already started and will continue until June 28. There is still space available in our Literacy, Low-Beginner and High-Beginner classes.

Visit to learn more or contact our Education Director, Aisha Mathews at 413-734-6696 or by e-mail at


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